Stephan Hoglund Studio
Lake Superior Gemstones. My story and relationship with them.

I have been walking I have been walking these shores near Grand Marais and all around the Lake for that matter for over 40 years. Walking, exploring and Sailing to remote islands off of her shores,I have found beauty and Magic that I feel is a gift to me to transfer to my Art Jewelry. In the mid 1970s people began to bring to me, sell to me and trade with me, these stones, Thomsonite , Chlorastrolite (Isle Royal Greenstone, Agate, Lintonite and the many other gorgeous oddities of Lake Superior. In no other place in this world are so many gemstones of such beauty found and all of these stones are found on the surface of the beach with no mining and that alone elevates these stones to a special place in the world of Sustainable Art and Sustainable Jewelry. I always felt these stones were special but in the 1990s Native People started coming to me to ask for stones for their "Medicine" and it was then that I realized how special they really were. As I pondered that i realized that there is to my knowledge, absolutely no mention of these gemstones in any Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) stories or history, adding another layer of mystery to them. It seems that they were too special to even talk about. To this day I still do not understand that part of the story, and that is ok. Not every mystery needs explaining. I do know I feel humbled and honored to be one of the keepers of these stones. It is such now that I am very seldom tempted to work with any other stones but these.