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Stephan Hoglund Jewelry Design

To explain my work I have to say I am very much a Regionalist. My work comes from my place. Northern Minnesota first and the open High Mesa and High Desert of Northern New Mexico and Southwest Texas. These places give me not only much of my materials but they also sustain me creatively and spiritually. The shores of Lake Superior have given me treasure beyond belief, surface found Lake Superior Agate, Isle Royal Greenstone or Chlorastrolite and the the amazing and rare Lake Superior Thomsonite. I feel chosen to be the messenger for these Gems. Over the years I have created, arguably the most extensive collection of Lake Superior Gemstones in the world, enough to share with you for the rest of my life. Minnesota Gemstones are the most valuable surface found gemstones in the world and are naturally the most environmentally sustainable and green gemstones in the world. Let me show them to you soon!

Stephan is one of the better known Minnesota Art Jewelers has one of the oldest and best known Minnesota Jewelry Design Studios in the region having been a mainstream presence for nearly 40 years. He creates Art and Studio Jewlery that depicts his Boreal and Desert Environment. He also works with traditional stones such as Diamond Sapphire and Ruby.

Creative Simplicity
Stephan Hoglund

Stephan Hoglund Jewelry Design

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